Teddy Bears

As Jack was away from home in Edinburgh, his parents didn’t have any of his belongings or his favourite teddy with him. When Jacks parents went to visit him in the mortuary, the staff had placed a teddy in with Jack. The gesture was meant with best intentions but sadly, the teddy was old, worn and dirty.

Brightest Star provides teddy bears to mortuaries and funeral parlours so parents can have a teddy to leave with their child. We take local children to one of Jacks favourite shops, the Bear Factory to make these bears. We chose the Bear Factory as here the children can make the bears and also find out some information about Brightest Star. The children that make the bears know that they are going to a child who has died and they get the chance to stuff and sow the bear and place a little heart inside the bear.

image of Brightest Star teddy

If you work in a mortuary or funeral parlour and would like a supply of Brightest Star teddy bears then please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.