Support Transport Ambulance

As Yorkhill Intensive Care was full on the day that Jacks heart stopped, Jack had to be transferred by ambulance from the RAH Paisley to Edinburgh Sick Childrens Hospital. Due to the fact that it was an A E ambulance, the amount of equipment and 3 paramedics, Jacks parents were not allowed to travel in the ambulance beside Jack. This was over an hour and half that they couldn’t spend with their son on his final day on this earth.

After many years of discussions and drawings, in 2018 Brightest Star funded a family ambulance that can accommodate parents and has extra space for the paramedics and their equipment. This ambulance cost £160,000 and covers the West of Glasgow and the Ambulance service funded two further vehicles for the North & East of Scotland. Thanks to everyone’s fundraising, no parent should ever need to leave their sick child to travel in the ambulance without them.