Hulk's Haven Reatreat

Jack loved the Hulk and he really did have the courage, determination and strength of the Hulk. In 2016 Brightest Star opened Hulks Haven, a place where bereaved parents and siblings can come for support.

Parents who lose a child need the strength of the Hulk to get through the smallest of tasks on a daily basis. Grief can be a very scary and isolating physical and emotional experience. Every person’s grief is unique and different and the grief that you experience after the loss of a child is very different to the grief you may feel after the loss of another relative. Hulks Haven is a dedicated Bereavement Hub that will provide a parents and siblings with the opportunity to meet other bereaved parents and to access one to one professional and group support.

By having Hulks Haven, the hope is should you know someone who has lost a child then you can direct them to our dedicated building.

If you would like to access our counselling service please contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0141 428 3121