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Memory Box Update

Just an update for anyone who passed on information about our memory boxes...
I know many people commented that their hospital had similar memory boxes or boxes from Sands/simba but can I just emphasise that our boxes are no solely for babies like others might be.
Brightest star memory boxes are for children of any age. The most important information in our memory box is the leaflet on the follow up support that we offer families after the death of their son/daughter, of any age, from any cause of death. If you have similar boxes, it would be great if you could even take our leaflets to give to families.
Some nurses are coming to our office on Monday at 4pm to collect boxes and find out more about the work brightest star does for bereaved families so they can pass this information onto other staff and families.
If anyone else wishes to come... you are all most welcome.
Please share this with anyone you think might be interested.
Our address is
Pavillion 3 - St James Business Park
2nd Floor
81 Linwood Road
Massive thanks to the 1k people who shared our original post.
We now have memory boxes in ....
Royal hospital for children
Forth Valley
Boxes will be in these hospitals in the next few weeks...
And I'm just waiting on replies from contacts in...
St. John's
If you work in any other hospital and could help...please get in touch.


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Your Donations

We appreciate every donation that we receive as we rely solely on donations to do the work that we do.

There is something really special about receiving a donation in memory someone's son or daughter. Today I returned to several cheques and online donations in memory of babies, boys, girls, men and women who have left this world all too soon.

To everyone who has donated over the past 4 years, thank you for your support. To those who have raise money in memory of someone's s...on, daughter, grandchild, sibling or family member, thank you for remembering them through Brightest Star.

We would really like to show all your previous fundraising events at our forthcoming ball so if you have any photos, please send them over xxx20414076 1435589536532993 1380022705369858888 o

Brightesr Star is 4

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4 years ago today I launched Brightest Star as a gift of love to Jack on Valentine’s Day hence the heart and star in our logo. I was so desperate to find support after I lost Jack that I was determined to put something in place for other families who would face this heartbreak. Since then I met/spoke to hundreds of families that have lost their son or daughter and I am blessed to know their child’s story.

One year ago today, we opened the doors o...f Hulks Haven and we have seen so many families come through our door since then. In just 12 months, we have provided 225 hours of counselling to men and women who have lost their son or daughter and 79 hours of bereavement support to children who have lost their brother or sister

Today on our 4th anniversary, we have received our delivery of the Cuddle Cot for babies and Cuddle Blanket for toddlers through to adults. These will allow parents to spend more time with their son/daughter after they have died.

None of this would have been possible without every penny that each one of you has donated over the past 4 years. We rely solely on donations so its each one of you that has helps families experiencing the heartache of losing their son or daughter. Without your donations, we would not be able to provide any of our services to families that lose their son or daughter so on all of our behalf, I thank you for your continued support t Brightest Star.

Arlene, Jack’s Mummy xx

Anonymous Donation Cuddle Cot & Blanket

Spending time with your son or daughter is such a precious thing.
Spending time with them after they die feels even more precious.

This week we have spent time seeing how the Cuddle Cot for babies and Cuddle Blanket for toddlers, teenagers and adults work. These pieces of equipment will allow families to spend longer with their son or daughter at home or on the hospital ward

Thanks to a truly amazing anonymous donation we have been able to purchase one Cuddle Cot and one Cuddle Blanket and these will be with us within 4 weeks. From the bottom of my broken heart, I would like to thank these people for this selfless donation as it will make such a difference to families that tragically lose their son or daughter. I feel really touched that they would do this in Jacks memory, he wasn't allowed this privilege but now his memory will live on in the hearts of those who do. Our sick kids hospital does amazing things for sick children and thanks to this donation, they will be able to do so much more for children that pass away.

Thanks to your donations online, we have also been able to buy one additional cuddle cot and we are only the way to being able to buy another cuddle blanket. These will be held in Hulks Haven to allow families to the chance to take their child home or for hospitals to access the use of them.

Thanks to everyone that has donated so far, we have the most caring and kind supporters. Together, we can make a difference to those that sadly lose their son or daughter 💙🌟

If you would like to donate you still can on the link below ..…/br…/CuddleCotAndCoverCoolAppeal