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Sportsman's Dinner

Where can I start?????

To each and everyone of the 412 men that bought a ticket to our sportsman's dinner and to everyone that donated a raffle/auction prize or bottle of alcohol .... thank you for helping us to raise just over a phenomenal £40,000 at our 3rd Sportsman's Dinner on Friday night">💙⭐️

From the girls who came along to help, the Crowne Plaza staff, the parents and nurse that featured in our video, Paul that made our video, our football themed centre pieces from our supporters at Blue Parrot, the ambulance staff and our outstanding speakers Tam Cowan, Willie Young and John Gaghan ....
The night was by far the biggest, best and most professional yet.

We don't have experienced fundraisers or experienced events staff working with us, we don't have sponsors, we don't have a big celebrity following but what we had on Friday night and at all of our fundraisers are people who are 110% behind our cause and what Brightest Star stands for.
To me, that's what charity is and for that, I thank each and every supporter of brightest is each one of YOU that makes it possible for us to help families that lose their child.

Two people in particular put their heart and soul into Friday dad Mick and husband Paul and I'm incredibly proud of them both as would Jack be ⭐️

As I spoke on Friday night, I could see the suffering in my dads eyes, he is living everyday with a double loss and pain. The pain of losing his grandson who was and always will be his no1 pal but also the pain of losing the daughter that he had before jack died. He has the pain of watching her suffer everyday knowing that he can't take away her pain. That's the pain of grandparents on this journey. People often forget about them.
My dad watched me suffer with no support after Jack died and for that reason and to keep his grandsons memory alive, I know that he will always he brightest stars no1 supporter and I can't thank him enough for Friday, all he does for Brightest Star and myself">💙⭐️ He really is one of the unsung heroes in all of this.

My husband Paul never got the pleasure of meeting Jack but he puts his all into keeping his memory alive through brightest star. As an amazing dad himself, Paul is 110% behind what the charity stands for and that's what makes him all the more special. Brightest star isn't a Mon-Fri 9-5 job, it is literally our life 24/7 and I'm so grateful that Paul has it in his heart as much as I do">💙
My only wish is that Jack could have got to know Paul as I know he would love his as much as I do. These events don't happen easy and for the last 6 months Paul and my dad have put their heart and soul into making sure Friday night perfect and perfect it was. I could see the emotion in Pauls face when the total was announced and the 1st thing he said was that I did Jack proud. Well no, this event was all Paul and my dad and they did Jack proud.

Thank you to each and everyone of you for your support and lovely comments about Friday all made it happen and we are all Jacks Army">💙⭐️

All the photos will follow soon xx

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Womens 10k

Everyone of us walk at some point every day, walk to work or around the shops, walk your dogs or walk your children.
Why not walk, jog or run the 10k with team brightest star on Sunday 5th June? 2 hours out of your day, could help a family affected by the loss of their child. Is there really a time or cost value that you could put on that?

So many people do the 10k for no charity at all, if you just put on a brightest star tshirt you will help to raise awareness of the wor...k that we do for bereaved parents and siblings.

You can do it alone or in a group, either way Jacks army will support you around the route as you can see from the video here ...

Let's get sharing and tagging your friends and family to get them on board">💙⭐️

To register visit…/events/womens-10k…/13255242.My_Glasgow_10K_ch…/



Have you received one of our memory boxes?
Have you been to one of our 1st aid courses?
Have you been to our support meetings or counselling?
Has your child used our play therapy?


If so then I am looking for a massive favour, would you be willing to give me some feedback so that we can make a video to show our future donors the impact of the services Brightest Star provides?

Brightest Star receives NO government funding or grants, we solely rely on donations so this would really help us.

If you would be willing to help then please drop me a private message and I can explain more.


Welcome to the world Buddy the Brightest Star.
Jack always called his friends his Best Buddies so here is Buddy with our Brightest Star kiltwalk friends">💙">

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