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Dads Hurt Too

Just like a mum, a dad doesn't have a child and ever expect there to be a day when their child isn't alive anymore.

It's not just mums that grieve and miss their children, dads do too and sometimes their pain can wrongly be forgotten.
I'm not a dad so I can't talk from a dads perspective nor would I try to but I personally
feel that Dads are wrongly faced with the stereotypes and cliches of "men have to be strong" "men have to look after the rest of the family" "men should...n't cry" "men need to move on". Well no they don't is my view and we need to stop using these sayings.

If you know a dad who has lost a child, take a minute to think of them today on Father's Day. Send them a text, give them a call, ask how they are and mention their child's name. Or even send them this message, just do something to acknowledge them today.

Our hearts and thoughts are with all dads to brightest stars today">💙⭐️

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A Beautiful Soul

It doesn't matter who you are, where you come from, what age you are or how much you earn, children dying is reality for us all. Yes it's not a reality that people want to think about but sadly its a reality that thousands of families live with on a daily basis.

Yesterday got to spend some time yesterday with Amanda Holden and she really is beautiful on the inside and outside. She is one of the most caring and kind people that you could meet and I love the way that she was so willing to talk about child bereavement and grief.

More people need to talk about these issues, the more people that talk about them, the more natural and accepted they will become">💙⭐️

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Thank You

This message sums up everything I always say....

Yes we rely solely on donations but....
It's not always about raising money, it's about getting the T-shirts on and letting people know about Brightest Star.
Just by putting that T-shirt on your back, your are spreading the word and work of brightest star and together, we can reach and support more families who lose a child.


Jack is very special, to those who knew him, the most special little boy in the world but most of the people who take part in our events, don't just do it for jack or I.
Most never met Jack, most have no connection to me, they take part because they believe in what the charity stands for.

For that, we thank each and everyone of you who believes in and supports Brightest Star">💙

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Cancelled 1st Ait @ Toryglen

The 1st aid course at Toryglen on Tuesday has been cancelled. People asked for that area but due to low numbers, it's not viable to run the course.
I have emailed those who have registered but if you know them, please ask them to check their email xx