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I Miss My Brother

"My brother died and I was really sad about it"

Children grieve too and this video highlights the need for them to be able to talk about their feelings.

As part of Child Grief awareness week, Brightest Stars siblings have made poems and videos to make people aware of a child's grief.


Love Never Dies!!!

Can you imagine having to tell your son or daughter that their brother or sister has died? Can you imagine telling a child that they will never see their mother or father again? Can you imagine sending your child to school and telling them that their best friend won’t be there to play with them because they have died?

The poem ANGEL was written by one of Brightest Stars siblings who lost his sister. When I 1st read it, it sent shivers down my spine as it made me take the tim...e to think about how hard it must be to experience loss so young and “the agony” that children can suffer. I often here people see that their loved one is now an angel in the sky but this poem has made me see the word angel and how children feel in a totally different way.

We often here that children are resilient, that they don’t know what’s going on, that they will just get on with it and move on but who decided that every child acts that way? Like us adults, every child is different and their experience of death and grief will be different and we should all #MakeTime2Listen . This is the theme of Child Grief Awareness which starts today and I am asking all our supporters to #MakeTime2Listen

Sharing this poem was a very brave and courageous thing to do and I hope it makes people stop for a minute and think of a child that is grieving.

As the poem says……
L is for love, which never dies

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Which Child Could You Live Without?

I don't have any other children but I have spent enough time with parents who do to know how much this phrase hurts them. Take a moment to ask yourself if you could live without any of your children. No child makes the loss of another child any better

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Sibling Support

“Sometimes the brothers and sisters are forgotten about and they are grieving as well”.

As part of child grief awareness week, Brightest Star is providing an information evening/workshop for parents/grandparents/carers of children/young people who have lost a sibling.
This will give you an opportunity to look at some practical strategies that you could do with the child/young person at home to support them with their grief. We can only take a maximum of 12 and this will be... on a 1st come, first served basis.
To reserve you place, you need to send an email with your name, contact number and the age of child that you are supporting to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
If you would like to attend this session, it is on Wed 23rd November 6-8.30 pm

Brightest Star Hulks Haven Office
Pavillion 3 - St James Business Park
2nd Floor
81 Linwood Road

If you are considering bringing your child to Brightest Star for one to one support, this will also give you an idea of the work we would be doing with them. I can’t thank Toni and Austin enough for sharing their experience of grief and Brightest Stars sibling support with us, this was such a brave thing to do and thanks to you, I am very sure Brightest Star will be able to support many more young people after the loss of their brother or sister.

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