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Present in memory of Jack

Thanks to last nights response and people donating money to buy a present in Jacks memory, we went to shops today and bought more toys to give to less fortunate children this Xmas 💙🌟

As much as it broke my heart walking around a toy shop thinking about what I should be buying for Jack, I know that these will make a child smile the way Jack used to smile. Thanks to everyone for their kindness and in particular my husband Paul for helping me to do this today to remember my little prince in such a special way this Xmas 💙15589750 1210911202334162 8787880443488850498 n

The Ball Is Back, Save The Date!!!


Many of you have been asking when and if the Brightest Star Ball will return so we are super excited to announce its return on 27th May 2017 in the Hilton Glasgow.

More details will be announced soon but for now for get your friends, family or workplace lined up for what promises to be your best night out in 2017. This could make an excellent Christmas present for someone you love or for your staff. Not only are you giving them a great night ...out but you are also giving to Charity.

For now, here is a sneak peek of some of the fun from our two previous Brightest Star Balls.

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Support Is Important

I sometimes forget just how horrific my experience of looking for support after the death of my son was. Seeing this video again was a weak reminder for me but sadly my experience wasn't unique, I hear similar stories every other week. There is very little help out there for families that lose a son or daughter. Many of the services that are available are provided through small charities like Brightest Star.

People don't realise that many of our hospitals DONT have a bereave...ment service or follow up support. In Glasgow I know for a fact that they don't offer one, 4 years on from losing Jack, our children's hospitals still provide no bereavement support for families after the death of a child. I'm not sure if I fell through some loop hole in Edinburgh but I was offered no support there and 4 years on, I am still hearing the same story from families now.

Brightest star isn't the answer to everything or for everyone but what worries me is where would those families would go if Brightest Star wasn't here, who would support parents in their time of need? What happens to all the parents that don't know about Brightest Star? This is the very reason why we need you all to keep spreading the word and raising awareness of Brightest Star. Tell you friends and family what we do, tell the people you work with, share and comment on our posts so more people see them.

Have you lost a child or know someone who has lost a child?

Our support groups are open to people who have lost a child at any age, from any cause of death and our last support groups for 2016 are:

Monday 5th December 2016 - Level 3, Glasgow Hilton, William Street, 1800-2000

Wednesday 7th December Radisson Blue, The Royal Mile, 1800-2000

I Miss My Sister

"My big sister was very loved and she is missed so much by all the family."

Thank you to Kaitlyn for sharing this video and to Giana and Cian for sharing their stories with us this week. All of these children are a credit to their families and the siblings that they have lost.
Cherly, our play therapist does amazing work with Brightest Stars siblings and I would like to personally thank her for all her hard work.


Without all of Brightest Stars supporters fundraising, this service would never be possible so on behalf of all the families that we support, thank you.

As Child Grief Awareness week comes to an end, I ask you to always remember the grief that our young people experience. Their grief is just as significant as an adults grief. Always MakeTime2Listen.

Arlene x