Just Giving: School Uniforms - Help Families Who're Struggling

This year will be even more difficult for families who are worrying about how they are going to buy their children’s school uniforms.
I was very fortunate that I could afford to buy Jacks school uniforms, that he could pick the latest school bag, shoes or pencil case but I well aware, that’s not the case for everyone.
Just like Xmas time, this time of year can put so much financial stress on families.
So many families are struggling to buy their children’s school uniforms, pencil cases etc.
If Jack was here, I’d be buying those items for him so like every year, I am going to donate them in his memory.
People are always looking for ways to help others or things to do in their loved ones memory, this is a small thing that we can do to make difference to others. Whether it’s £1 for pencils, £5 for a lunch bag, £10 for a school bag of £20 for a school jacket...every single penny will help xx
If you are a family who is struggling with purchasing school uniforms, please get in touch and we will support you if possible.
All the families we support should be referred to us by professionals in the community who we believe are best placed to identify those who will benefit the most. We cannot guarantee that we can fulfil every request but we will try our hardest.
Our referral network includes:
Social workers
Children / family services departments
Health visitors
Children’s centres
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