The Power of Jack's T-Shirts ❤️

The power of Jacks T-shirt ❤️💪🏻
To some people he’s just a little boy on a T-shirt but to me, that little boy is my world 💔
It warms my heart when I drive past someone out walking/running with Jacks T-shirt on their back.
Anyone around East Renfrewshire will most probably have seen Rosina out wearing Jacks vest.
Sun, wind, rain, hail or snow, Rosina takes Jack out on EVERY run with her.
Jack has travelled the world and ran marathons all over the world on Rosina’s back and heart.
Rosina has raised thousands of pounds for Brightest Star over the years but there never be a number on the amount of awareness that she has raised for Brightest Star by taking Jack on her runs and posting his story on her social media and running groups.
Last month Alan called our office and asked to run 4 miles, every 4 hours, for 48 hours for Brightest Star. Alan told me how he had never met Rosina before or heard of Brightest Star until he joined a running group and started to see all Rosinas posts and running adventures with Jack on her back. He was so inspired by Rosina’s passion and dedication to Jack and Brightest Star that he decided to complete this challenge for us. And what a challenge it was 😱 while we were all in bed, Alan was up every 4 hours running the streets 💪🏻💪🏻
Alan’s phone call was so humbling that it will stay with me forever.
Alan raised an incredible £1491 from his justgiving page and secured a £1500 grant from his work Arco on top of his £1491. What a phenomenal donation is this current climate ❤️
Alan and Arco we cannot thank you enough. Thanks to Alan doing this, now his friends, family and workplace all know about Brightest Star. If a family loses a child, they now know we are here to support them.
An amazing £2991 that would never have been raised without the power of Jacks T-shirt on Rosina’s back. Rosina, thank you for being you and for everything you do.
If you would like a Brightest Star T-shirt or vest to take on your runs then please just get in touch.
The power of Jacks T-shirt ❤️
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