In Memory of Bruce x

Today is Bruce 4th anniversary and his dad Bobby decided to do this to help others.
Both heartbreaking and humbling 💔
However it feels like yesterday.
It’s the little things that have the BIGGEST impact. Like watching Macy and Bob grow so fast, Bob following me around like a shadow, Macy giving me some cheek followed by that great big smile meaning I can’t give her into trouble! Which all leave the mind wondering how would things be today.
The truth be told a told things would be completely different. I would likely not appreciate the little things, wouldn’t care so much about the little smiles, when they cling to me I would like be annoyed as i “had a long day at work” we have all been there.
Make the most of things and appreciate the small things.
Charities are missing out a lot at the moment with the lack of fun runs, charity nights, people’s lack of income etc. However if you have a spare quid then feel free to donate below.
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