Give the Gift of Love This Valentines

Grief is the price you pay for love so why not give the gift of love to someone who has loved and lost this Valentines Day? 💔
This Valentine’s Day won’t be the same as all the others, there will be no shopping trips, no nights out, no dinner and drinks in restaurants.
For the price of a Valentine’s Day card, flowers or chocolates or even what would have been your taxi Faye to dinner, could you give the gift of love to a bereaved parent?
Unless you have lost a child and been faced with mortuaries and undertakers, you can never truly understand what a memory box and it’s contents would mean to a bereaved parent. This month, I have updated our memory boxes and their contents and it would be amazing if you could give the gift of love towards them this Valentines Day.
You could pay towards....
A candle which costs us £4 for 3,
A hand in your heart key ring which costs us £6 for 1.
Superhero teddy bears, one for child, one sibling which costs £7.40 for 2
A love heart keepsake one for child, one parent which costs which costs us £8 for 2
All you have to do is donate via our justgiving campaign below. You could donate in memory of someone you have lost or as a gift of giving to your loved one. Maybe you could tag your loved one in this post and ask them for this as your gift of love this Valentine’s Day xxx
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