A Massive Thank You!

From listening to a news story saying that our local children’s hospitals were short of visors to fight against Covid19, to a phone call asking my amazing friend Greg at Blue Parrot Events to help me to source and make visors, I am now so proud to say that we have distributed over 2000 visors and 3000 masks to our Frontline Heroes.
We were inundated with requests but we managed to get a supply to all the areas that asked for help. From hospitals, Covid units, hospices, cancer care, other charities, pharmacies, GP surgeries, Care homes, Ambulance Staff to Community nurses, we have tried to help protect as many as of our real life superheroes as possible.

I know I speak for everyone who has received this PPE when I say thank you for your donations to make this possible.

The feedback from them has been so humbling. Thanks to YOUR donations, these are just some of the places that we have managed to provide Visors/masks to……
Glasgow Children’s Hospital A & E
Glasgow Children’s Hospital Intensive Care
Ayr Emergency Department
Kilbride Hospice
Golden Jubilee Hospital
Glasgow Royal Infirmary Intensive Care
6 Pharmacies
9 GP surgeries
Postnatal & Maternity wards in the Queen Elizabeth
Crosshouse Intensive Care
Beatson Cancer Care
RAH Emergency Department
INVERCLYDE Emergency Department
RAH Intensive Care
Ward 7c Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth Covid Wards
Ward 55 Queen Elizabeth
A&E Glasgow Royal Infirmary.
Glasgow royal infirmary, Ward 44
Glasgow royal infirmary critical care
A & E Queen Elizabeth
RAH Maternity
Community Nursing Teams
Ardgowan Hospice
Renfrewshire care homes
Prestwick Care homes
Nazerth care home
North East Community Team
Mental health teams
Glenlivet gardens care home
Marie Curie Glasgow Hospice
Marie curie fast track service
Westlea Care Home
Renfrewshire Home Careers
Ayrshire Maternity Unit
QUEH Critical Care
Erskine Hospital
Accord Hospice
Ambulance transport staff are based at Vale of Leven Hospital
Quarriers Home
Spinal Injuries Queen Elizabeth
RAH Eye Clinic
Brain rehab wards
Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice

Thanks to Stickalex for their donation of stickers for our Heroes sweets and to Allmark Sweets for their donation of the sweetie bags.
Thanks to Renfrewshire Envitonment & Infeastructure (Building Services) and Environment & Communities for their donation of Easter Eggs.

The biggest thank you goes to Greg at Blue Parrot for making this all possible. Without Greg we could never have sourced the materials or made the visors. Massive thank you to the boys at Blue Parrot who gave up their time to volunteer to make the visors with Greg. I am really going to miss working with you guys, it has been an absolute pleasure. I really hope people remember Greg and his events company when this is all over, he is by far the best in the events and wedding business and I just hope the people he is supporting now will support his business in the future. https://blueparroteventsgroup.co.uk/

There is no doubt this is a financially worrying time for all business and charities, our futures are uncertain but both Brightest Star and Blue Parrot were certain that we had to do something to help those at the frontline fighting Covid19. Each one of you who donated or fundraised has helped to make a frontline worker feel more safe at their work, you cant put any value on that.
We will get through this together xxx


A massive thank you

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