A Wee Thank You

Hello lovely, hope your staying well and safe - just a wee message to say thank you so so much!
We are forever grateful to you for the visors, they are absolutely outstanding we have had a big shortage of PPE and working in a covid ward wearing this bit of kit has been a real mood booster, all of us appreciate this beyond measure , took a few wee pictures with the team , thanks so much again 💖❤️🌟 take care of yourself xxx
This is WHY we have been doing our Help our NHS heroes campaign.
To everyone who has donated/fundraised, you did this 💪🏻, be proud 💪🏻
I am absolutely amazed that people are doing fundraising in these current times.
To the children who have set up fundraising pages doing cycles and activities for Brightest Star...you are AMAZING 👏🏻 helping our Frontline Heroes 👏🏻
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