Our Special Projects

No doctor or nurse should have to put their own life at risk because they don’t have the right protective equipment.......
They work to save our children and families every day so this is our chance to help them.....
This week we have been working on some special projects at Brightest Star.
When we saw the appeal for plastic from the sick kids hospital so they could make visors for the staff, I knew as a charity, we had to help in some way so I instantly contacted my amazing friend Greg at Blue Parrot.
For our wedding gift, Greg made us the most special Avengers centre pieces so I knew if anyone could make these visors, it would be Greg and his team. Greg frantically tried all of his contacts but unfortunately there was a shortage of materials, so they were unable to make them. Greg being Greg, didn’t stop there and he called me the next day to tell me that he could source me the actual ready to wear visors and they could be here within 9 days. I am super proud to say that Brightest Star has purchased 1000 of these visors and our amazing friends at Blue Parrot are willing to distribute them to hospitals in and around Glasgow.
We have already allocated some to ….
Glasgow Queen Elizabeth Children’s A & E department
Queen Elizabeth Adults A & E department
Kilbryde Hospice
If you would like to request some for your hospital/department, please get in touch. It would be much easier if you send me a private message with the details.
I would just like to say a special thank you to Greg at Blue Parrot. Without him, this wouldn’t have been possible as I wouldn’t have known how to source these visors to protect our NHS staff.
Greg has always been so good to Brightest Star, decorating all our events with stunning centrepieces, décor, photobooths, dancefloors, ipads and silent auctions. If you are ever holding an event please take a look at https://blueparroteventsgroup.co.uk/ - a more reliable, trustworthy and caring company you couldn’t find.
Like every business and charity, these are exceptionally challenging times but nobody is facing a bigger challenge than our NHS staff and that is why I just that felt we had to do something to help.
To our NHS staff, we hope these can help even a little bit. Thank you for all you are doing to save ALL of us xxxx
Special Projects
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