First Aid Course

You never think that you will need to save your child’s life,
You never think that you will need to perform life saving first aid on your child,
You never think about any of these terrifying situations...
Until you find yourself in that terrifying situation....
If I only I knew then what I know now 💔

Yesterday our amazing 1st aider Iain came to our house to show us how to perform CPR or help Summer J if she was choking. It makes me so sad to think that knowing CPR could have saved Jacks life.

In that past, I would always see first aid courses advertised but I naively thought that I would never need to go to one.
I naively thought that nothing would ever happen to my son and
I naively thought that I would never need to know those lifesaving skills.
I feel so sad that it took losing Jack for me to understand the severity of viruses and temperatures and the importance of calling 999 and being able to perform CPR in the minutes after a child stops breathing.

After my son Jack died, providing parents, siblings, carers and the general public with Emergency Paediatric 1st Aid courses was one of Brightest Stars Aims. Together with our very skilled, compassionate and professional Ian MacKay, from IM training we developed a Brightest Star 3 hour Emergency Paediatric 1st Aid course that covers the areas that we see as the most crucial and beneficial to those with a child in a life or death scenario. We have been delivering these courses since 2015 but having Summer J has reminded me just how important they are.

From personal experience and the feedback from people who have previously attended , I can assure you that by the end of the course, you will be better equipped to save the life of a child should you find yourself in that unfortunate position. You may come to a course and never have to use the skills that you learn, but, you might just be the one person that comes to the course and needs those skills to save the life of your own child.

We have two courses arranged
Sunday 6th October 10-1pm in the David Lloyd Renfrew
Sunday 3rd November 10-1pm in the David Lloyd Renfrew
Each course can take a maximum of 12 people and a £10 deposit is required to secure your place on the course. This £10 can be refundable on the day you attend the course.
Please send a private message to secure your place.

Be sure to share this post with all of your Facebook friends and let’s try to provide as many people as possible with the skills to prevent as many child deaths as we can.

Arlene, Jack’s Mummy xxx


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