Covercool System

In the hospital ward, you can only spend a small amount of time with your child before they need to be transferred to the mortuary. Mortuaries also have opening and closing hours so again families are restricted to the times they can see their son/daughter. For some families this can be really distressing and the use of a cuddle cot for babies and a cooling system for a child/teenager/adult can prolong the time the parent has with their son or daughter on the ward. By having a cooling system, people could bring their son/daughter home for a longer time and allow more precious time with their child and to say their final goodbyes.

Sadly many children, die in our children’s hospitals every day and tonight we have donated a covercool system to the our local hospital on behalf of and in memory of another precious boy, beautiful Finn.

Thank you to Angela, Steve and everyone who made this possible. This will make such a difference to so many families in your boys memory xx



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