The Royal Hospital for Children

Last month we spent the night in the royal hospital for children’s, accident and emergency department with our daughter Summer J.

Just like fate or just like her big brother was watching, outside Summer J’s room was a poster saying things the children would like improved within the hospital and what the hospital have done to improve to those things. One little boy had written...I don’t like it when the television in my room isn’t working and next to it was a reply from the hospital saying they had two iPads in the department that the children could use.
As I looked around the department, I was amazed at just how busy they were, I know the anxiety you feel waiting in one of those rooms and for children who are awake, it must be so difficult for families to calm them or keep them entertained so I asked Mandy if we could donate an iPads for every room in Accident and Emergency.

Those nurses work tirelessly to help and save sick children, they were amazing with Summer J who is now absolutely thriving and I know first hand that they also do the most amazing job with bereaved families: they go above and beyond to offer as much support and comfort as they can.

Yesterday we were delighted to present them with iPads, ipens and covers. Jack died 6 days before his birthday and Xmas and that year he had an iPad waiting for him. Sadly he never got to open the iPad so that’s all feels like a little sign from him. Thank you to everyone who has and continues to support Brightest Star....

Here is a little message from the staff ❤️

The Emergency department staff of The Royal Hospital for Children, would like to say thank-you to Arlene at Brightest Star and all her supporters, for iPads that have been gifted to our department.

These play a huge part in entertaining our patients during their visit to us and distracting them from proceedures that can be upsetting and frightening. Even if it's just to play "baby shark" to a distressed toddler, they are worth their weight in gold when you see the magic they work.

We are so incredibly grateful xx





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