Sibling Support

Can you imagine telling your son or daughter that their brother or sister has died?
Can you imagine knowing that for the 1st time as a parent, there is nothing that you can do to protect them from pain or hurt?
Can you imagine trying to deal with the death of one of your children whilst still trying to parent other children? Trying to cope with your grief whilst, trying to help your child to cope with their grief for their sibling.
Jack was an only child so I can’t imagine ...what other parents go through. I know how much of a daily struggle it is to process my own feelings and grief without still having to be a parent.
On the night that Jack died, I can vividly remember thinking about Jacks closest friends. All I kept saying was “how will their mums and dads tell them that Jack has died?”, “how will they understand this?”, “how will this affect them in later life?”.

We have two spaces available with our children's worker at Brightest Star. If you have a child that you feel needs support and you would like more information on our service then please get in touch via private message or email.

If you are considering bringing your child to Brightest Star for one to one support, this will also give you an idea of the work we would be doing with them. I can’t thank Toni and Austin enough for sharing their experience of grief and Brightest Stars sibling support with us, this was such a brave thing to do and thanks to you, I am very sure Brightest Star will be able to support many more young people after the loss of their brother or sister.

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