Thank You Liam & Elaine

When your child dies, “You are part of a club that you never wanted to be part of”

Tonight two of the most caring parents that I know, Liam and Elaine share the story of their beautiful healthy daughter Lucy who died from myocarditis. They are part of a club that no parent ever wants to be part of but a club, that they want people to be aware of. Liam and Elaine made this very moving video to raise awareness of myocarditis and the lack of support available to parents after t...he death of their child.

Men are often told to be strong for their family, not to cry, not to talk about their feelings and to keep their feelings to themselves. Liam talks about the stigma that dads face after the loss of their child and hopefully this video will let dads know that they are not alone, its ok to talk, its ok to cry and its ok to grieve for their child. It is also ok to ask for support and Brightest Star is here to provide this.

We are very lucky to have Liam and Elaine as part of Brightest Star and I cannot thank them enough for making this video for us. Liam and Elaine have been a great support to me personally and at times when I felt I couldn’t live another day without Jack, I looked at them and knew there was hope. It takes such courage to put yourself out there to help others and I know this video will help so many people in Lucy’s memory.

Please share, like and comment on this video so it reaches as many people as possible. Together we can raise awareness of myocarditis, child loss and support the families that are left behind to live without them.

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