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Jack Kennedy's Light Will Shine

Posted 18th February 2013


“By day, he will be the Sun and by night, he will be the Brightest Star in the sky”

That saying is so very true today.

Just over two months ago, I sat in the audience crying with pride as I watched Jack in his school nativity. There he was, waving away and singing his wee heart out, ringing his bells and still managing to do all of the actions.

That night Jack got off the school bus and couldn’t wait to tell me: “Mummy I saw you at the nativity and I saw you crying but its ok mummy, I know they were happy tears”

Today I sat in the same audience watching Jack’s school memorial service, this time I was crying with sadness as my boy was the missing piece of the puzzle.

Jack, today I want to say to you:

“Its okay handsome, they are also tears of happiness. As much as mummy is sad because she misses you, she is also full of pride from hearing all your school friends and teachers memories of you”.

St James’s pupils and staff did Jack proud today and I know that he would have loved every single minute of it. From his photos on the screen, the stories about him, his prayers, his table of memories but most of all, the song that the whole school sang just for him:

Jack Kennedy’s light will shine, I know it will shine.
Jack Kennedy’s light will shine, I know it will shine.
Jack Kennedy’s light will shine, I know it will shine.
Let it shine, let it shine.

Today Derek and I received Jack’s Friendship Award. He was due to be presented with this award on the last day of term for always being kind and caring to others. Sadly, this day never came.

Jack Kennedy really has left footprints in the hearts of so many people thanks to the friendly, fun and caring little boy that we was. Jack’s care and kindness to others will continue to shine on through the work of Brightest Star.

Derek and I can’t thank people enough for the care, kindness and support that they have shown Brightest Star already. If you can, please continue to share Jack’s Journey so that we can help other broken hearted mummies and daddies.

Arlene, Jacks Mummy, xxxxxx

Valentines Day Thank You

Posted 14th February 2013

Today has been a very overwhelming and emotional day to say the least. Tears of sadness as we missed our boy on Valentines Day but also tears of pride from seeing how much Jack has touched the lives of so many people.

From the bottom of this mummy and daddy’s broken heart, thank you. Thank you for every visit to our website, share/like on Facebook and Twitter, for every comment about Jack, messages of support/fundraising ideas and generous donations. I promise that I will reply to each and every one of you personally over the next few days.

Jacks Army for the 10k is growing by the hour, thank you to every person who has agreed to take part. We will get back to next week with more details about registration and our fundraising packs.

I want to say a heartfelt thank you to some very special friends who have worked hard day and night to help get Brightest Star to where it is today. You know who you are and I know that my boy will be as proud today as I am.

Happy Valentines Day

Hold the people who love that little bit closer tonight xxx

Arlene’s 1st Post

Arlene and Jack

Posted: 13th February 2013

There’s a special place within my heart that only you can fill.

For you had my love right from the start and I know you always will.

As you wake up today sharing the love of Valentines day with your children, partners and families, I wake up with a broken heart, thinking of my memories of my very last Valentines day with my handsome boy Jack. Seeing his gorgeous face and bright smile as he opened his card and gifts and watching how he couldn’t wait to give me my card and give me one of his big “squeezy cuddles and smoochy kisses”, these are memories that I will treasure forever. You see, they say memories are golden, well maybe that is true but I never wanted memories, I only wanted you.

Jack died suddenly 6 days before his 6th Birthday so my Valentines Day present to Jack today is to try to raise awareness and funds for the Charity that I have set up in him…the brightest star in the sky.

Happy Valentines Day Baby Boy

Mummy Girl Loves You xxxx