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I Miss You Jack

I know you are sad mum
And I am too,
But this is the journey
For me and you


Our tears are filled with sadness
With all the heartache we’ve been through,
But these will change to loving tears
As we remember what we would do

I live on in your memories mum
These will never fade,
From the first time that you changed my bum
To all the games we played

You filled my life with so much fun
And taught me right from wrong.
For this I thank you deeply and
Its helping me move along

As I look upon you
My heart is filled with pride,
As you help other people
On this rollercoaster ride

But there is no harm in closing the door
When you feel you can’t cope anymore.
But always remember
When these days are here
I am still with you mum
You hold me dear

I know all you want is a bug squeezy cuddle
I promise you mummy, we will have that cuddle
And we will never need to let go,
It is going to be the squeeziest hug
That people will ever know

The future is uncertain mummy
But one thing is true,
You are keeping me safe within
Whilst I wait for you here.

I hope every parent that has lost child can take as much comfort from this poem as I did. And I also hope that every parent out there appreciates that little bit more the cuddle that you get from your child tonight as not everyone is as fortunate as you.

I miss you Jack.

Mummy xxx

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Tonight I feel sad and I suppose if I am honest, angry at the world. Why did this need to happen? Why did my son need to die? What did I do wrong to lose him?

My son was loving, funny, sensitive and caring and he had his whole life ahead of him. He was loved and cared for, he had a family that adored him, he lived in warm, happy, clean home, he ate well, he was well looked after and he was never left with alone. If anything i was probably to overprotective with him but that s...till made no difference.

Bad bad bad people walk our streets every single day yet my innocent son is dead. People abuse their kids, neglect them through alcohol misuse, drug misuse or just downright selfishness yet they still walk our streets and have their children.

I suppose the moral of the story is that life just isn’t fair.

Sending strength to all parents who suffer this pain. You and your children also dont deserve how unfair this life is xx

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They say my child's in heaven, Can someone take me please?
You see I am his mother and I need to know that he is safe.
Do you know where your child is? I guess the answers yes..., because it is our job as parents to know just where they are.
Could you cope if it was you who could not see their child?
I'm guessing not, your heart would break in two. ...
They say don't worry he will visit in my dreams!! Could you live your life like this, not knowing if its true. Would it satisfy your love or heal you aching heart? I think its just my mind playing tricks when day has gone.
I never understood before how parents could survive, the death of a child seems like just a cruel cruel world, yet here I am still standing, not knowing where to go. Now I understand depression and just how low I can go. The world it seems such a bleak and hopeless place I hope I can find my way.
They say there is a reason and one day that I shall know, but neither time nor reason can heal my broken soul.
They say you need to "move on " but could they do this if they were wearing my shoes? I doubt not.
Some days life's just so crippling all I can do is breathe, You see I miss him dearly, my kind and special boy. He had so much to offer the world so why not me instead? So much love still to give I just cant understand. These questions plague me day and night, peace I cannot find. So please just take me as I am some days I know its hard, but I can never be that person you once had. Don't expect me to move on, my heart is broken in two, One half of it died that day I said goodbye to Jack. I will never be the same again I have come to learn, my heart it beats to differently to how it did on days gone by. I am a broken mother and how I wish I could change it but I cannot so please just take me as I am.
So if you have seen heaven please can you take me there? My Jack is there so they say, Please can you just take me, show me my child is safe. I need to know just how she is and how much she has grown. I miss you Jack and hope you miss me too, I wish someone had shown me how to live without you. One day I hope to be with you but when I do not know, but hope there is a heaven and your waiting for me still.

This was written by one of the brightest stars mums and it made me think of Jack so much. Today, hundreds of families will be missing a special child to give an Easter egg to. While you have your Easter hunts or family meals, spare a thought for those families who aren't as lucky as you.

A Easter egg costs £1 so today perhaps you could donate £1 in memory of a child who has gone too soon. That £1 will allow brightest to continue to support parents and siblings who have lost a child. Perhaps let that family know that you are thinking of them or you have donated the £1 as an Easter egg to their child.

Sending love and strength to all those who are missing they're children today.

Arlene, Jack's Mummy xxx

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"I used to be so happy
But without here I feel so low
I watched you as you left but I can never seem to let you go
Cause once upon a time you were my everything
It’s clear to see that time hasn’t changed a thing...
It’s very deep inside me but I feel there’s something you should know

I’ll never forget you
And you’ll always be by my side
From the day that I had you
I knew that I would love you till the day I die
And I will never want much more
And in my heart I will always be sure
I will never forget you
And you’ll always be by my side till the day I die"

No parent in this world could ever forget their child, its just impossible. The fear for many parents who lose their child is that other people will forget their child. Immediately after the death of a child, everyone comes together and rallies around the family. At that time, people still talk very naturally about the child but over time, life moves on, people stop calling and people start to feel more awkard talking about the child. Many people will avoid talking about the child all together.

Whether its one week,1 year or 10 years, people still want their child to be remembered. Maybe you could send someone you know a text mentioning their child, maybe you could visit their grave and leave a card, maybe you could do something in the childs school or workplace. Maybe, just maybe you could be the one person to remember their child tonight.

Arlene, Jack's Mummy xxx

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