"Say Their Name" By Emily Graham

I Am A Bereaved Mother
Early on I felt their stares, watching for signs of how I was coping with your loss.
All eyes on me… wondering how I could possibly go on when they knew there was no way they could.
Time slowly passes. I’m known as the mum whose kid died.
There’s an awkwardness in our interactions – like you’re afraid it’s something you can catch.
I assure you it’s not.
You’re not sure what to say. It seems the most comfortable thing to do is pretend nothing happened.
Yet, that doesn’t really work either.
I still feel all eyes on me.
When will she go back to normal?
They say you should never let your loss define you.
But, I am a bereaved mother.
It may not define me, but it’s a part of my identity now. It’s imprinted, your imprint, weaved throughout my DNA.
How can a loss like this not define every part of me going forward?
As long as people continue to see me as a bereaved mother, they continue to see you
To acknowledge you existed.
Say their name xx
By Emily Graham
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