Breaking the Taboo

Before Christmas I was given this candle 🕯 by two of my school pupils. I was so touched by their thoughts and kindness at what would have been such a happy time of year for them. Many of our young people get bad press but I’m very privileged to teach some remarkable teenagers.
Going back to school after I lost Jack was a massive part of my journey. I dreaded the very thought of it but in actual fact, it was one of things that probably saved me.
I needed some kind of purpose and routine in my life and the people I worked beside and kids in my classes gave me that purpose to get up every day and go to work. Some of those pupils will never know the difference they made and continue to make to my life on a daily basis.
Whether it was a “how are you miss”, “I remember Jack” or just knowing when I needed to leave the class to cry, especially in those early days. They gave me a reason to smile every single day when my heart was breaking the most.
I am always amazed at just how much young people are willing to talk about grief and feelings. I would say they are much more able to talk about these issues than many adults and I applaud that.
I will raise my children knowing that it’s ok to talk, to be sad, to cry, to have feelings and express emotions.
It is our job as parents to break those taboos for the next generations 💪🏻
Let’s break the taboo together xx
Jack, tonight and every night, I will fall asleep with you in my heart ❤️
Will fall asleep
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