Sacrifice for What's Right

8 years ago today, I left my son in a mortuary in Edinburgh, over 50 miles away from home, not knowing when I would be able to see him again.
Jack needed to be transferred back to the Glasgow mortuary and have his post-mortem before we could see him again.
I remember feeling so empty leaving without him and also so guilty that he was so far from home, alone in a mortuary and I wouldn’t be able to visit him when I wanted and needed to.
Jack was in Edinburgh Sick Kids because Yorkhill intensive care was at full capacity. If Jack hadn’t got the last bed in Edinburgh Sick kids that night, the next available bed was Newcastle.
This was 8 years ago before we knew anything about Covid, yet Intensive Care was full and the nurses told me that was often the case in the Winter months. I can’t even imagine how these hospitals are going to cope this year with Covid patients added to normal ICU numbers.
I do however know how those families that can’t get their loved ones into local hospitals will feel.
It’s not a feeling that I would wish upon anyone.
I understand that people are upset about not seeing family for extended times at Christmas but I can assure you that it’s worth it, if it means not losing a loved one.
For the rest of my life, I will spend Christmas Day without my beautiful son, if sacrificing one Christmas holiday means that you can spend many more Christmas holidays with your families .. I would urge you to do so.
That empty chair on Christmas Day for the rest of my life is the most heart wrenching feeling 💔
Life is so precious, protect those that you love.
I only wish I could protect Jack 💔
Sacrifice for Whats Right
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