Children’s Grief Awareness Week UK

Some of our greatest and most treasured memories are those of spending time with our brothers and sisters as children. We remember the ways we would play, the ways we would fight, and the ways we would love each other.
However, instead of looking back on fond memories, there are so many brothers and sisters like Summer J who are left with one lingering question - What If?
What if their brothers and sisters would have been alive when they were growing up.
How would things be different?
How would they be the same?
Instead of those happy memories, these storytellers are left with the memories of never knowing the siblings that died before they had a chance to meet them. Likewise there are so many children grieving the loss of their sibling that they did know and made memories with.
1 child in every UK classroom under the age of 16 has been bereaved of a parent or sibling and 44,000 children are bereaved of a parent annually in the UK.
There is no parenting book that tells you how to explain to your child that their sibling, mum or dad has died. It’s a taboo that many people are scared to approach and that’s why it’s important to raise awareness of Children’s Grief Awareness Week UK which takes place to this week. It’s designed to raise awareness of bereaved children and young people in the UK, and how providing those affected with free, professional support can make the world of difference to their future. Organisations and charities like Brightest Star across the UK show solidarity with grieving children, young people and their families in their community; raising awareness of their needs and how to help.
Share your story, break the taboo, children’s grief awareness week 2020 xx
Childrens Grief Awareness Week UK
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