A Difficult Father's Day

It is very true that bereaved mums and dads are part of a club that nobody wants to join. Truth be told, when we had children, none of us ever thought that we would join this club. Nor did any of ur ever want to 💔
Fathers Day is a difficult day for any bereaved parent and it can be difficult to know what to buy them. It can be actually be really difficult to know what to buy any dad on Fathers Day.
This year, why not sponsor a “Hand in your Heart” or our Superhero Teddies in memory of your child, your dad, brother, sister or someone that you know. The Hand in your Heart is placed in our memory boxes, the heart goes to the child that has died and the keyring stays with the parent. The superhero teddies are also placed in our memory boxes, one goes with the child and the other goes to their sibling.
Both cost £6, all you have to do is donate Via justgiving and leave a message for your dad to see xx
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