Some Things Make Me Feel Lucky

I would never have thought that I would class myself as “lucky” when it comes to anything at all to do with losing my son Jack. Over the years and having spent time with so many bereaved parents, I know that there are many things that I can think of myself as “lucky” for.

The hospital taking a copy of jacks hand and foot is something I feel lucky to have, I got his hand print engraved onto a necklace and I carry that around my neck and rub his hand every day. So many families don’t receive a copy of their son or daughters had/foot prints and that is why we have had them in our Brightest Star memory boxes for 7 years now.

I would tell anyone who losses a loved one, not just a son or daughter to ask for a copy of their hand/foot prints. Sometimes, the staff in hospitals/care homes don’t know/think to a hand/foot prints. I really hope as many people as possible see this video so they are aware that this can be done.

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