You Can’t Fix a Broken Heart When a Part of It Is Missing

“You can’t fix a broken heart when a part of it is missing”

How very true that quote from a good friend is.

Everyone wants to find the magic fix for you when your child dies but the reality is.... there is no fix for this pain.
It’s an unimaginable, indescribable pain that lives with you in your head and heart everyday.

All we need is people to walk beside us on this horrendous journey,
We need people to hold us when the pain is too much handle,
We need people to listen when we want to talk about the pain we feel,
We need people who are willing to share our sadness and,
We need people who will never forget our children.

We don’t need people who judge us,
We don’t need people who want to tell us to move on or to get over it,
We don’t need people who can’t handle our pain or sadness and,
We don’t need people who only there for the short term.

In a world where you can be anything, be kind 💔

You cant fix a broken heart

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