Real Life Superheroes

I have the NHS to thank for the care they gave Jack when he died but I also have them to thank for his little sister Summer J. We received the best care possible when going through IVF and during Summer J’s delivery at the Queen Elizabeth. The doctors and midwives knew about Jack and my anxiety about something happening to Summer J during the delivery and they went above and beyond to make my whole pregnancy and birth as calm as it could be. I can honesty say her arrival was one of the most beautiful things I have experienced. This photo was the first time I got to see our beautiful rainbow baby, our daughter Summer J. A feeling i could never put into words.

Like the nurses who cared for Jack in his final hours, I will never forget the nurses who cared for Summer J and I during the first few days of her life.
My consultant came to visit Summer J on the maternity ward, as did midwifes that I had met in the hospital during my pregnancy. We also got an extra special visit from the doctor who tried to save Jacks life. He saw my beautiful boy leave this world and came to visit my beautiful girl enter this world. No words can describe what that meant.
None of them had to visit but again, this shows what “real life superheroes” people who work in the NHS are. Many of them will go above and beyond the call of duty and during this festive season we should take the time to think about them. When Summer J turns one tomorrow, I will be taking time out to think about all the NHS who have been on our journey with us.

Thank you for being real life superheroes





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