My Christmas Wish

It’s been an emotional weekend to say the least.
Yesterday and today we sent over 45 families to see Santa at Hamleys and 160 families to the Pantomine in memory of their children.
The feedback from the parents has been truly humbling and on their behalf, thank you to everyone who donated.
It’s been such a lovely experience organising something as special at such a difficult time of year. To see the smiles on both you and your children’s faces, has made my weekend.

Today, we had some quiet time to reflect, think of Jack and spend time with other bereaved families the Royal Hospital For Sick Kids Annual Service.
It’s by far the most beautiful service and it’s the one time of the year and place that I can be me,
a mum with a broken heart, missing and crying for the death of her son. I don’t need to put a face or a mask on in that service, I don’t need to pretend I’m ok...I can cry for my boy and know that everyone around me “gets it”.
If you need a reality check, you only need to walk in that building and see all the families that are their for the exact same reason.
My heart is sore and heavy tonight, I miss my boy, the reason behind all of this.
My Christmas Wish would be for one more night with with him 💔

Tomorrow, is our last parent support meeting of 2019.
6pm-830pm Doubletree Hilton Cambridge Street, Glasgow xx






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