Like Every New Mum, I Am Protective Of My Baby

On the left, is my son Jack who died suddenly aged 5, from an “every day cold and flu virus”.
On the right, is his baby sister Summer J who I am fiercely protective of.

Like every new mum, I am protective of my baby but having lost jack so suddenly to a virus, which he probably caught from someone else, almost gives me a “valid reason/excuse to be overprotective. But as a parent, we shouldn’t need a reason or a justification for being protective of our children.

I have decided to write this post for all the mums and new mums out here who feel or are told they can’t be/shouldn’t be protective of their babies/children. For all the mums who are doubting themselves and thinking that they shouldn’t be protective or thinking that they are losing their sanity.

I have seen so many mums put posts of facebook,

asking people not to kiss their babies,

asking people not to bring sick children around their babies,

asking people not to visit if they are unwell or have the cold,

asking people to wash/put antibacterial gel on their hands on their hands before touching their baby,

or apologising for being an anxious mum.

I asked and still do ask my friends and family to do those things because I don’t want to take any chances with the baby. Thankfully all of my family and friends understand but to be honest if they didn’t, I wouldn’t care and neither should you.
This is YOUR baby, YOUR life and what you want people to do or not do with your child is up to you. NOBODY ELSE!!

This post is not to scare anyone but,sadly we see tragic stories every day about children dying. I know first hand that viruses can be deadly.
As parents all we are trying to do is protect our children and all we are asking is that you THINK before/when you are around our children…

Don’t visit a baby if you are sick,

Wash your hands,

DO NOT KISS someone else’s baby unless they want you to, I have seen families lose their children from the cold sore virus.

The reality is the winter is the worst time for viruses, be mindful of other people. I really hope this post is a voice for other mums who are too scared to speak out xxx


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