Back To School Photo

My back to school photo doesn’t look like yours,
It used to look like yours but it doesn’t anymore,
My son Jack used to be standing at the front door with his new school uniform on, But he isn’t anymore💔 My back to school photo changed forever the day my beautiful Jack died aged 5,Now, there will forever be a missing piece in my photos.

This will be the photo for thousands of families over the coming weeks...
Families who have lost a child,
Families who can’t have children,
Families who are trying to have children,
Families who have a sick child.

Like myself, all of those families would give anything for just one more day with their son or daughter, never mind the chance to see their child reach another milestone like starting nursery, school or university.

As social media starts to fill with all those beautiful children in their uniforms, take a moment to think of those children who aren’t going back to nursery or school.

Maybe send those families a text letting them know that your thinking of their child, maybe mention them in your proud Facebook posts, maybe light a candle for those children. You could be the only person to mention their child as the new school year begins.

If I can ask one would be to take a moment to think before writing things like “thankfully the schools are back, peace and quiet, get the flags out”
Families would literally die to have their children back, tomorrow is never guaranteed for any of us. As a parent, none of us want to think that something could happen to our children but it can and trust would give anything for another day or school holiday with your child.

I never thought I would be bereaved mum, I thought that was something you saw on tv or something that happened to other people. How naive and wrong was I 😔

I know parenting can be stressful and trying at times but please try to enjoy every minute of those precious times with your child. Take photos, photos and more photos because you don’t realise how precious photos are until they are all that you have left 💔
Tomorrow is never guaranteed 💔


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