School Uniforms

Since I lost Jack, I have always hated the summer holidays.
One part of the summer holidays that I have always really struggled with is seeing the new school uniforms in the shops. I can’t help but think...I should be out buying Jack his.
Many times I have stood crying in the middle of the shops as I watch mums try the uniform on their children.
Many times I have had to walk out of the shops because I can’t cope with hearing parents and their children arguing over the uniforms.
I know it can be stressful but tomorrow is never guaranteed and sometimes I have this urge to shout that out loud in the shops. Some families will never get the chance to see their child go to school.

I was very fortunate that I could afford to buy his school uniforms, that he could pick the latest school bag, shoes or pencil case and money wasn’t an issue but I well aware, that’s not the case for everyone. Just like Xmas time, this time of year can put so much financial stress on families.
Lately, I heard about several families who were struggling to buy their children’s school uniforms, pencil cases etc.
If Jack was here, I’d be buying those items for him so instead I am going to donate them in his memory and in the memory of all our sons and daughters who won’t be choosing their school uniform this year 💔💙💕

People are always looking for ways to help others or things to do in their loved ones memory, this is a small thing that we can do that will make a small difference to others xx



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