Brother & Sister Forever Joined at the Heart

Brother and sister forever joined at the heart 💙💕

When Summer J is old enough I’ll be able to tell her all about this ambulance and all the kind people that fundraised to make it possible.

I hope Summer J never needs a journey in Jacks ambulance but if she ever does, I’ll be forever grateful that I’ll get to be by her side.
Until the day that I die, I’ll never forget the moment Jack was driven away in that ambulance to Edinburgh without me. I’ll never forget the journey in the car from Glasgow to Edinburgh wondering if he was still alive, did he know what was going on? was he scared? Did he want his mummy?

No parent should need to experience that, I’ll never get those final hours with Jack back and for that, I’ll always feel robbed.

Thank you to our supporter Laura for sending me this photo 💙💕


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