I know what it’s like to lose a child and feel like part of you has died,
I know what it’s like to lose a baby when your pregnant and wonder if you will ever be able to fall pregnant again and safely carry a baby to full term,
I know what it’s like to long to be a mum, struggle to conceive and wonder if it will ever happen,
And I also know that should never gave up HOPE.

This exact time last year, Paul and I had just completed our first cycle of IVF.
16 eggs were retrieved, 12 fertilised and only one little embryo survived to transfer day.
We knew that the success rate of a first cycle of IVF wasn’t all that high but we didn’t give up hope. That one little embryo was put back in and we waited patiently, with hope, to see if I’d fall pregnant. 12 days later, that one little embryo became a positive pregnancy test and 9 months later that became Summer J Hope Smith.
I never thought id get the chance to be a mum again, it wasn’t the easiest few years but we never give up hope and we hope brought us our very own little ray of sunshine.

I totally admire anyone who struggles with fertility, I knew next to nothing about it until I found myself struggling to conceive another baby. I didn’t realise how common fertility problems were until I arrived at the ivf clinic and saw how busy it was.
People just assume that everyone can and will fall pregnant but for so many that’s sadly not the case and we really need to be better educated on this. Maybe think before you ask someone ...
Are you going to have a baby?
When are you having kids?
Do you not want kids?
Because you just don’t what could be going on for that person xx

Thank you to my husband Paul for being so supportive in me sharing our story. We are proud of our IVF journey and our miracle baby. I really wish people spoke about fertility issues more because together we can all make a difference to people who are struggling and give them HOPE xx



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