Photo Memories of Jack

You think that photos aren’t important until photos are all that you have left 💔

I don’t know what made me take so many photos of Jack. Back then I was naive, I didn’t realise that children died so I definitely didn’t take them with the knowledge that one day they would be all that I would have left of Jack.
However, I’m so glad that I did take so many photos because I can look back on all of our memories for years to come. As Summer grows up, I can show her all the photos of her big brother and she can feel part of his all too short life.

I’ve not been writing as much since I fell pregnant or had Summer J because I felt that it wasn’t the right to do. People tell me that ....
“I’m lucky I got another chance”,
“This is something to take my mind of Jack”, “something to heal my broken heart”,
“something to help me move on, put the past behind me”
So I suppose in many ways, i felt that I wasn’t allowed to be sad or grieve for Jack anymore.

However, that’s other people’s views, people who haven’t lost a child or experienced the extent of this pain. The reality is that your a parent for life, whether your child is alive or dead.

I won’t “move on” from losing my son, he will forever be part of my life. Just because I’ve had another child, doesn’t mean everything is “ok now” “we have moved on” or that “Jack is in the past”.
Grief is a life long journey and no child ever replaces another. If any member of your family died, would another person replace then? No they wouldn’t.

Sadly one day, we will all lose someone that we love so if you do one thing today, take some photos of your loved ones because one day, those photos will be all that you have left ❤️



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