Brightest Star Turns 6!

Had I never lost my 5 year old son Jack to a cold and flu virus on 19th December 2012,

I would never have known that “a virus” could kill a child and the importance of learning CPR,

I would never have known that there were so little support services available to bereaved parents, grandparents and siblings,

I would never have known that families often leave the hospital with their children’s belongings in paper bags,

I would never have known that ambulances do not always have the space to carry parents with their sick children,

And I would never have known to start Brightest Star.

6 years ago, I vowed to provide support groups and counselling for bereaved parents, open a centre where bereaved families could attend, provide memory boxes for bereaved families and hospitals, provide paediatric first aid courses and build an ambulance that could accommodate parents to travel with their sick children.

Brightest Star turns 6 and I am beyond proud to say that together, WE have achieved each of those aims. This video gives you a little insight into the difference that our work makes to bereaved families and why your support has been and continues to be so important. On behalf of Jack, myself and ALL of the families that Brightest Star has supported, thank you for every single penny that you have donated and every single bit of awareness that you have spread about Brightest Star.
I chose to launch Brightest Star on Valentines Day as a mark of love to Jack. Without him, none of this work would ever have been possible. His all too short life has touched the hearts of many and if you do one thing today, please let someone else know about Brightest Star.

Kiss your children goodnight tonight and spare a thought for all those sons and daughters who are no longer with us.

Happy 6th Birthday Brightest Star xx

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