Summer J

Summers J’s 1st trip to Brightest Star HQ,
our very own Hulks Haven for families affected by the death of a child, sibling or grandchild, of any age, from any cause of death.

This picture makes my heart burst with love and break at the same time. The sad reality is that this is the only picture that I’ll ever get of my two babies together. No child ever replaces another and it makes me sad that people could ever think such a thing.
It makes me sad that Summer and Jack will never get to know each other and that one day I’ll need to tell Summer that her big brother died.
However, I am incredibly lucky to have been blessed with two beautiful babies, some people never get that chance.
Jacks legacy lives on in all of us and Summer will carry him in her heart like we do.

Summer came with us to Brightest Star HQ to collect more of our memory boxes for the local hospitals. No price can be put on the difference that these memory boxes make to families in their darkest hour.
Sadly we distribute hundreds of memory boxes every year and without your continued support, this would not be possible....
Thank you to everyone who supports Brightest Star 💫




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