No Name For A Mum and Dad

Orphans, widows and widowers.

A child taken away by death,

Has no name for a Mum or dad.

Angel Mum/dad is what they are,

A love for her child that

Knows no bounds.

A strength from an unknown source.

A pain so physical yet

She lives on.

Caring for and loving their

Child in this world,

Never knowing that

Her child was an Angel,

Here only for a while.

Walking in two worlds.

Her child’s and hers.

Heartache felt of the loss,

Compassion for other Angel Mum’s and dads

Is what she has.

Angel Mum/Dad’s meet and share,

Experiences and feelings of all

They bear,

Laughing and crying together,

Giving comfort and peace,

Of all those who feel

What is so real.

She flays as if drowning,

But surfaces again,

And knows she must go on,

Till they meet again.

Her child left home,

Never to return.

The loving arms are empty,

And longingly they burn.

Angel Mums and Dad’s gather

In love and in friendship.

Developing bonds to last

A lifetime.

Looking forward to each

Time they are together,

Remembering their child

And giving tribute to them,

For the life that they shared.

Reliving the tragedy

Of their greatest loss.

Pleading for their child

To be whole again.

Waiting patiently for their

Return to the arms

Of the Mum/Dad that loves

Them forever.

Not seeing, hearing or touching

Is an anger that seems

To rear its ugly head,

And tears her heart into

Tiny shreds.

Eagerly waiting for the time that

She will go to her child’s

Place of rest.

To be with the child

Who so suddenly left.

Forever be an Angel Mum and Dad,

Full of love, wisdom,

Strength and caring.

Loving all her children,

As much as she always has.

Never forgetting the one

That has gone,

And will never be back.

Taking comfort,

From knowing one day

They’ll meet again,

In the place that her

Child has gone.

If you know someone who has lost their son/daughter, take a minute to let them know that you still remember their child. You could be the only person that acknowledge their child.

Mums and dads come to our support meetings and like the poem says, many have developed friendships that last a lifetime. Our meeting are open to any parent who has lost their son/daughter at any age, from any cause of death.

The next Brightest Star parent support meetings are:

EDINBURGH - Wednesday 16 August 2017, Radisson Blue, The Royal Mile, 1800-2000

GLASGOW - Monday 28 August 2017, Don Suite, Level 3, Glasgow Hilton, William Street, 1800-2000

If you are thinking about coming and would like more information then please get in touch.

Please share this so we can reach as many bereaved parents as possible.

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