What If I Told You

What if I told you that at the bright age of 5
The world in his palms
The stars in his eyes
That a boy so happy
So full of joy
World became dull
As he shut his eyes
What if I told you
That a boy no more than five
Had just a simple virus
But failed to survive
What if I told you
That little Jack Kennedy
Was a healthy little boy
Didn’t hurt easily
Laughed did not cry
It was unexpected for him to go
His parents left with sorrow and woe
What if I told you
that for that life threatening ride
His parents couldn’t be with him in the ambulance by his side
What if I told you that
Jack battled and fought
But there was no room at the inn
Not a bed to be sought
And what if I told you
That instead of mourning they strived
Picked up the pace
Determined to let his legacy survive
Because jack did pass away and yes they cried
But they worked through the pain instead of shutting their eyes
Because this- death -happens every day
Happens to those who don’t know what to say
And so Brightest Star strives
to help parents in need
And helps them to get through
helps their lives to proceed
What if I told you
That there are many like Jack
One day worlds bright
The next stark black
This time of loss
And this time of grieving
Brightest Star
Helped families to keep believing
And what if I told you that
These dedicated people give up their time
They use volunteers
To run, jump and climb
To raise money for Jack
And all children alike
For Brightest Star they will always fight
What if I told you
That this money is not a waste
That you really should try to donate
They need it for ambulances and first aid too
So give them the help they need to pursue
So come join jacks army
We really need your help
I’m telling you now and I’m telling you true
Be a hero today and
Make Jack proud of you
A beautiful poem written by one of our young supporters about Jack and Brightest Star. We really need your support to do the work we do. Lets all like and share this amazing poem to show people why Brightest Star exists.
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