Remembering Jack

Remembering Jack, My Incredible Hulk,
I brought you to this world, your flesh and blood my own
A dream of joy and happiness, that I had never known
I cradled you, and kept you warm, you set my soul on fire
I loved you to the moon and back, to the mountain tops and higher
I watched you grow, each day some more, and then you learned to talk,
You told me that you loved me too, my love, my life, my rock
The years passed fast, I couldn’t know, the pain that was to follow,
The day you left to heavens care, my heart was crushed by sorrow.
A loss so great it crippled me, with hurt, and fear and pain
The sunshine in my world was gone, replaced by wind and rain
I searched for reasons, answers too, alone inside my head
Each time I closed your bedroom door, to hide your empty bed
An ache that only mums could know, in every bone and sinew
Without the strength to face a day, even though you know its in you,
So just for you ill try and smile, maybe not today, but in a while
So you can see your hugs I feel, your with me still, your warmth is real
With years ahead to find some peace, with you I carry on
Ill live your life so you can see, even though I know your gone
I feel the pain with every breath, its endless weight and bulk
But I can beat this with your help, my son, my incredible hulk
A poem by Alex Cairnie
I just came across this agin last week and the words still ring so true, thank you Alex


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