Baby If You Got To Go Away

Baby if you've got to go away
I don't think
I can take the pain
Won't you stay another day
Oh don't leave me alone like this...
Don't say it's the final kiss
Won't you stay another day

I remember having to go buy a heavy jacket the night before Jacks funeral and as it was Xmas, this song was playing in the shop and all I could do was cry. That night, I knew I was going to see my son for the very last time and the following day I knew I would have to bury my own child. I remember thinking....I just wish Jack could another day as there isn't ever long enough to say a final goodbye to your child.

Jack was my only child and he was my life 24/7 so when he died, I really didn't believe that I could live one day without him. There have been times over the last four years when the sadness is so sore that I wonder if I will survive another day but someway somehow, I have got to four years without Jack. The journey hasn't been easy and I know that this journey never really ends but like hundreds of other bereaved parents out there....I am still standing. To those families that aren't as far along this journey as me, I can only wish that brings you some hope.

Many families will be facing Christmas without their child and they may need support more than ever. There are some small things you could do to help...

Put their child on a Xmas card.
Tell them that you are thinking of/missing their child.
Mention their childs name/talk about the child.
Let the family do what they want to do on Xmas day, they might want to see family etc but they also might not. Remember that is a reflection of their grief, not a refection of their feelings about you.
Let family traditions change to accommodate the missing place.
Share their laughter and their tears.

It doesn't matter how long ago a child died, xmas is about family and our children so if you can, always take the time to remember them with their family.

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