Grief Is Messy

Grief is unpredictable, messy and ugly but it is something that everyone of us will face at some point in our life.
Have you loved someone through their grief?
Have you always been there for them?
Have you never gave up on them?
If so then your amazing because not everyone is like you..... sadly I hear so many people say how isolated they feel in their grief 💔


When a child or loved one 1st dies, people rally around those that are grieving, the door and phone never stops and the offers of support are countless. Sadly for some people, after the funeral and as the months and years go on, the door and phone stops going and the offers of support are non existent. People have this idea that time solves everything and that grief just stops but it doesn't work like that.

Tonight brightest star is sending love and thanks to everyone that loves and stands by people who are grieving. They need you more than you know 💙

Maybe this is a post for you to thank people who have stood by you in your grief. Let them know that you appreciate them loving you through your grief. Let them know that you appreciate them standing by you when it could have been easier to walk away from you

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