Please Just One More Night??

I would give anything to put this little guy to bed for just one more night. To tuck him in, read him a story, feels his cuddle and kiss and hear him say “night night mummy, love you” just one more time. I would give anything to hear him shout “mum” during the night or hear climb out his bed, walk along the hall and appear in my bed saying, “your beds better mum” as he holds my hand and falls asleep. I would give anything for another sleepiness night with him rolling about m...y bed, kicking and punching me as he moved about in his sleep.

Would one more night be long enough? Even the very thought of saying goodbye again is unbearable but I miss that little guy so much that I would take just one more minute with him.

The last night that I put Jack to bed, I had no idea that I would never get to do it again. Life is so empty and sad without Jack. A sadness that I can never describe. Life is precious, make the most of every day because some people aren't lucky enough to live a long life


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