Yesterday I realised that the last time I ever saw Jack alive, he was dressed up. The last time I ever got to feel him kiss, cuddle me back and wave him off to school, he was dressed as an elf. How did all this happen? Why did it have to be him? Why did he have to die? I still can’t believe that I will never see my son again and times like Halloween make the pain feel almost unbearable. I find special occasions and family times so hard, I feel isolated and different from the ...rest of world. Life can go on for other people but it can’t for me. I feel stuck in a past and present life.

From a young age, Jack loved to dress up all year round but Halloween was always extra special in our house. Because Jacks Birthday was on Xmas day, I always tried to make other occasions like Easter and Xmas extra special for Jack and his friends, maybe that’s another reason as to why I find these occasions so hard now. Most houses are busy getting their children's Halloween outfits ready, decorating the house, organising the trick or treat bags and taking the children to all their Halloween parties. That used to be my house and my life with Jack and I feel so sad for Jack and all he is missing.

There are thousands of houses missing a son or daughter this Halloween, hundreds of parents feeling the pain of looking at the last pictures of their child dressed up for Halloween. It is not just young children who are missing out this Halloween, there are so many teenagers and adults that are missing out on parties with their friends. It doesn’t matter what age the person is, they are still someone’s son or daughter and those families don’t want them to be forgotten.

As you make Halloween bags for your trick or treaters this weekend or buy a drink for a friend at a Halloween party, spare a thought for those children, teenagers and adults who are no longer here to join in on the fun. Spare a thought for their parents, siblings and families who may be finding this time difficult.

If everyone on this page spent £1 on a trick or treat bag or drink for Brightest Star by Texting JACK06 £1 to 70070 then we could raise nearly £30,000 for bereaved families.

Please share this will your friends and spare a thought for all those who are missing their child this Halloween, send them a text, mention their child names, post their name here. Something so small can mean so much to someone grieving

Arlene, Jack's Mummy xxx

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