Ambulance Aim Update

Lots more drawings and discussions on the family ambulance today 💙🌟
Brightest Stars initial dream is starting to become a reality and I couldn't be prouder. Prouder of Jack, Brightest Star and all of you who donated to make this possible.

I wish this service had been available when I was losing Jack but thanks to him, we can change the future for other families.
If this stops just one family from being separated from their son or daughter in their hour of need then it's wo...rth it's weight in gold but sadly I know this ambulance will need to be used by hundreds of families.

As I watched the air ambulance and helicopter land at the base today, i took some time to think about the work that our paramedics and pilots do. In reality, they put their life's in danger to save our life's every single day, whether that's travelling at high speed in a road ambulance, flying an air ambulance or helicopter. The work they do is nothing short of outstanding and sometimes their work goes unnoticed so, I for one want to recognise and commend the work that they do on a daily basis.

Here's to a long and successful relationship with Scotstar and the Scottish Ambulance Service 💙


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