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Proud Of Our Youth

It is all too often we see negative headlines about the “youth of today”. It is not often enough that we see headlines about the amazing things that our young people do. Yesterdays post was an example of this and so is today's.

Today I was deeply moved by 6 teenage girls who came to visit Hulks Haven. These 6 young girls gave up a morning of their school holidays to come to find out about the work of Brightest Star for a project at their school, Gleniffer High School. They ha...d already researched lots of information on Brightest Star and they weren’t phased to talk about children dying or grief. I really wish we could educate more young people to know that dying is a normal part of life and its ok to grief the loss of a loved one.

After watching my video on why we donate bears to bereaved families and mortuaries, these girls went to the shops, made and donated bear factory bears to Brightest Star. That is what you call a caring, selfless act from our young people and I am touched beyond belief. As a society, we should appreciate the unsung, unheard good acts that so many of our young people carry out of a daily basis

I often wonder what Jack would have grown up like, I can honestly say, if Jack had grown into a teenager like the girls I met today and some of the amazing teenagers that I work with daily, I would have been blessed. As the school holiday come to an end, for one minute today, take time out to stop and acknowledge the children, teenagers and young adults that you have around you. There are thousands of families out there who will never the get the chance to do that again.

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